The fog

It’s soft,path

falling slowing, gradually on the land, and yet not falling at all.

The world is enclosed in the mist of this place, and it is without a doubt that I find it romantic and mysterious.

raped in a tomb, and still the world lives around it.

In to the fog we go.


An Attempt At Illlogical Logic

sun beam

There is more to life than simply what we see. There is an undercoating of truth and understanding that doesn’t resonate with the logical conscious brain, it resonates with the heart.

The heart feels, the heart sings, the heart sees all the beauty when the mind says run.
It turns the ugly grainy picture on it’s side and shows the truth of the matter, and with a loving embrace, shelters it from judgment, sorrow and fear, and all the ugliness that accompanies them.
The heart wants what it wants, and the brain will tell you how foolish that sounds.

In the end, it is the soul that will make the final decision as to how to delegate the task at hand.

The brain will walk away feeling victorious as all the logical pieces will be taken into consideration and will be unscrupulously picked over with a fine tooth comb.

The heart will sing because things that can not be explained by rationale will be re routed to her, and she will know the place for them all and understand and accept all there is.

Conclusively, brain and heart will both be correct.
They will both share the burden of responsibility, and the soul as always, will lead the way to the truth.

All we do, we do with our whole being.

The heart guides the brain, the brain guides the heart, and the soul already knows the answer but always enjoys the show.

This Cute Guy Singing With Total Strangers Stuck In Traffic Will Make Your Heart Melt

I think this is just great! Talk about living in the moment and sharing happiness with the world!

Thought Catalog

I can’t tell what part of this video is my favorite — it’s somewhere between how adorable the guy is, how happy everyone is about hearing the song, or how into the dance moves some of the drivers get. Even though, knowing myself, I would probably just scowl at him as I rolled up my window (I don’t do well in traffic), I am happy there are some drivers out there who are in a good enough mood to make for an amazing impromptu sing-a-long. Yay! [tc-mark]

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Breath through the stress

I’m going to break
im going to fall
I hit my head against the wall.

Moments of patience,
minutes of grace,
but I simply can’t keep up this pace.

Worlds unfurling, crumbling at my feet

I sink so deep,
until I feel the floor on this autumns eve

it gives me pause,
at last! the ease

and so I breath…

I guessing that if you have a blog here, writing is a significant stress reducer in your life, however, the cats alive and im curious, what other ways do you deal with the stress of your daily life?

As a coach and counsellor, I’m always searching for new methods, and what better resource than you wonderful, creative folks!

I would appreciate ANY & ALL resources you would like to share with me, I will cherish them.

Thanks be to thee, from me, hehe 😉

The Journey


There she sits on a precipice of this world and the next.
The game is changing and she knows not what direction to head.

Down, beneath the fence is the world she knows.
As familiar as her heart.
There in that world brings safety, security, familiarity and struggle.

On the other side of the fence is the shimmering distance.
A world unknown, frightening, and yet, beautiful.
With all the wonder that the old world use to hold, this world still has.

Just waiting, solid and perfect,
with just a touch of black; of fear.

She now has the tools to move herself into the other world if she wishes.
The waters of the old world try to swallow her down,
into something that for all its familiarity is an ugly husk of what was, and shall never be again.

Forces from each side, begging her to come.
The sky is falling down and the waters rising up.
The fence is braking, and she must jump.

The pulls are strong,
she must be stronger.

The time to talk is over.
The time for action is now.

Off in the distance is the gentle heat from the sun
From beneath, her feet lift ground.

The journey has begun.

We Wait.

We Wait...

We’re always waiting. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting!
What are we waiting for? and what’s the sense of waiting if we miss the moment in front of us.
Stop Waiting and do something with this moment!

First post just trying it out! Much Love,