The Journey


There she sits on a precipice of this world and the next.
The game is changing and she knows not what direction to head.

Down, beneath the fence is the world she knows.
As familiar as her heart.
There in that world brings safety, security, familiarity and struggle.

On the other side of the fence is the shimmering distance.
A world unknown, frightening, and yet, beautiful.
With all the wonder that the old world use to hold, this world still has.

Just waiting, solid and perfect,
with just a touch of black; of fear.

She now has the tools to move herself into the other world if she wishes.
The waters of the old world try to swallow her down,
into something that for all its familiarity is an ugly husk of what was, and shall never be again.

Forces from each side, begging her to come.
The sky is falling down and the waters rising up.
The fence is braking, and she must jump.

The pulls are strong,
she must be stronger.

The time to talk is over.
The time for action is now.

Off in the distance is the gentle heat from the sun
From beneath, her feet lift ground.

The journey has begun.