An Attempt At Illlogical Logic

sun beam

There is more to life than simply what we see. There is an undercoating of truth and understanding that doesn’t resonate with the logical conscious brain, it resonates with the heart.

The heart feels, the heart sings, the heart sees all the beauty when the mind says run.
It turns the ugly grainy picture on it’s side and shows the truth of the matter, and with a loving embrace, shelters it from judgment, sorrow and fear, and all the ugliness that accompanies them.
The heart wants what it wants, and the brain will tell you how foolish that sounds.

In the end, it is the soul that will make the final decision as to how to delegate the task at hand.

The brain will walk away feeling victorious as all the logical pieces will be taken into consideration and will be unscrupulously picked over with a fine tooth comb.

The heart will sing because things that can not be explained by rationale will be re routed to her, and she will know the place for them all and understand and accept all there is.

Conclusively, brain and heart will both be correct.
They will both share the burden of responsibility, and the soul as always, will lead the way to the truth.

All we do, we do with our whole being.

The heart guides the brain, the brain guides the heart, and the soul already knows the answer but always enjoys the show.