Breath through the stress

I’m going to break
im going to fall
I hit my head against the wall.

Moments of patience,
minutes of grace,
but I simply can’t keep up this pace.

Worlds unfurling, crumbling at my feet

I sink so deep,
until I feel the floor on this autumns eve

it gives me pause,
at last! the ease

and so I breath…

I guessing that if you have a blog here, writing is a significant stress reducer in your life, however, the cats alive and im curious, what other ways do you deal with the stress of your daily life?

As a coach and counsellor, I’m always searching for new methods, and what better resource than you wonderful, creative folks!

I would appreciate ANY & ALL resources you would like to share with me, I will cherish them.

Thanks be to thee, from me, hehe 😉